Our raison d'etre

We are exploiting  a novel, betterfastercheaper  approach to deriving novel agonist

and antagonist fully  human biologic drugs from antibody and peptide libraries

Appreciating the Numbers of Natural Diversity


Just as we all seem to know that no two snow flakes have the same crystal structure,

extensive studies have shown that no two Zebra's have an identical stripe pattern.

Hence our name Zebra Biologics. 

Drug discovery is all about diversity of chemical space and efficient ways to find rare events - high affinity binding of a novel small molecule, peptide or antibody to a drug target.     The combined small molecule libraries of all major pharmaceutical companies are in the range of 50-100 million compounds.   The repertoire of antibodies in the standard humanized mouse widely used as a cumbersome in vivo tool for selecting novel antibody candidates for drug development is perhaps 100-500 million.    A good combinatorial human antibody library boast 100 billion unique sequences and has the advantage of being exploitable in a test tube for drug discovery

Combing The Power Of Numbers

With Functional Screens for the

Derivation of New Biologics

Our singular scientific and clinical  goal at Zebra 

is more effective and more efficient utilization of

the unparalleled diversity of chemical space locked

in combinatorial libraries of human antibody genes. 

We are achieving this goal by exploiting in a new

platform the diversity of the 100 billion+ members

of an antibody library  with a novel proprietary

screening  technology that allows new biologic drugs

- AGONISTS or ANTAGONISTS - to be selected directly

for FUNCTION in human cell based assays.   


Our mission is simple and two-fold

         -  the discovery, clinical development and commercialization of breakthrough

                medicines for major unmet clinical needs using a quantum leap discovery


            We will achieve this through licensing and R&D partnering across many

            disease areas and an internal mission to make an impact  on the grossly

            underserved clinical areas of neurodegenerative disease and pain.

         -  the development of Zebra's Bio-differentTM lower cost versions of highly 

             effective, but on a global need basis, cost prohibitive biologics.

Welcome to Zebra  - A Future Leader in Antibody Therapeutics