Dr. Richard A Lerner

   Prof., Scripps Res. Inst.  (TSRI)

   Past President Scripps Res Inst., Member National Academy Science
    - Early pioneer in combinatorial antibody library technology

Dr. Ronald M Lindsay   

  CEO Zebra Biologics Inc.

      - 30 years in pharma- biotech Rx & Dx, Novartis, REGN, MLNM ,SQNM
     - Scientific  co-founder Regeneron Pharma. Inc.,  Neuroscientist

Dr. Phillip Frost             


      - Founder and CEO of IVAX Inc.  (acquired by Teva)
​     - Dermatologist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Chairman TEVA

Dr. Paul Greengard

  Prof., Rockefeller University, New York.

     -Renowned neuroscientist, Nobel Laureate in Medicine
    - Co-founder of several biotechs

Dr. Peter DiStefano

     CSO  Zebra Biologics Inc.

   - 25 years in pharma-biotech R&D, Abbvie, REGN, MLNM, ELIXIR

   - Established neuroscientist, pharmacologist.

Zebra Founders